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Versatile solution to the real-time web communication

Welcome to the talkr.IM XMPP/Jabber server!

talkr.IM is a federated internet service for real-time communications worldwide. It offers compatibility with the biggest IM networks such as Google Talk and IRC.

talkr.IM is offered by ProcessOne to anyone, free of charge. You can import your account from a different XMPP server and start using today!

Different services are available:

  • Multi-User Chat (MUC) at for online meetings
  • IRC at to join the online chat networks
  • PubSub at to publish and receive information in real-time
  • Directory at to search users

Additionnaly, gateways enable you to join legacy IM systems, like:

  • AIM at aim.talkr.IM
  • ICQ at icq.talkr.IM
  • MSN/WLM at msn.talkr.IM
  • Yahoo! at yahoo.talkr.IM
  • Google Wave at gwave.talkr.IM

Exclusively, talkr.IM offers a Jingle Node relay at jn.talkr.IM.

And with the Apple Push notification service, you can get notified of new messages on your iPhone.

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